Florida Keys Spearfishing Company is located in Islamorada Florida (Florida Keys).  We are a division of Islamorada Dive Center.  Located at the beautiful Postcard Inn beach resort & marina.  We offer full service spearfishing charters and spearfishing training.  We are the only  shop that offers a PADI endorsed spearfishing specialty class.  Our captains and guides are seasoned spearo's and love what they do. 

Not sure how to clean fish or don't have fillet knives with you?  No problem.  Included in your spearfishing charter is the filleting of your catch.  Just take it to any local restaurant and have them prepare it for you.  It doesn't get fresher than that!

If you've always wanted to try the sport of spearfishing or even if you're a season spear-o, come join us for truly awesome spearfishing experience.


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