Spearfishing Charters

We offer two options for charters.  A spearfishing trip every morning from 8:00am to 11:30am on the public boat.  Or trips on our private boat, where you can pick the times.

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Spearfishing Class

Never spearfished before?  No problem.  We offer the ONLY PADI certified "Underwater Hunter" course, that we actually wrote for PADI.  No classroom involved, a tutorial on the boat, than two training dives with your instructor.

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Spearfishing Gear

We have a fully stocked dive shop and air station.  Everything need for spearfishing, guns, bands, tips etc.  And some of the coolest spearfishing Tee's.

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Why Choose Us

There are other charter companies out there.  Not one that offers all that we do.  Here is a little toot of the horn to help you decide.

Location.  We are located in one the most beautiful resorts in all of Islamorada, The Postcard Inn Resort.   Our dive shop "Islamorada Dive Center" is located within walking distance from your room.

Boats. If you opt for the morning spear trip on the public boat, you'll be headed out on our 2014 46ft Newton dive boat.  If you upgrade to the private boat, you'll be headed out, with your group only, on our 40ft Sea Vee with triple 350's!

Guides.  Wether you are spearing on the public boat or private, you'll be with one of our experienced spear guides.  We all love what we do and know these waters like the back of our hands.  We'll guide you to the fish and get you back to the boat so you can concentrate on hunting.

We guarantee your spearfishing adventure with us will be unlike any other option available.  After our successful trip, we'll clean your fish and send you to one of our restaurants to "cook your catch".  We not only love to spearfish in the Keys, we actually wrote the book on it.

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